September 29, 2016

Pre-assessing personality has never been easier

With a principal in mind, we call: “The just enough principal”

by Christian Høeg

About 2.5 years ago – when the idea of building Praice for personality assessment came to mind – the main problem we wanted to solve was the fact that knowledge about another person was based on self-reporting. An approach giving a biased and potential misrepresentation of the individual.

Whether we looked at the CV, CL, Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, conducted personality tests, logical tests or interviewed the person, it would always be that one specific individual communicating about him/herself.

While most of the above is still necessary to take into account, we decided to change the game of personality assessment. Instead of relying on self-reporting, we made a simple model for conducting 360 degree personality assessment relying on anonymous feedback from a person’s network.

One down – but more to go

Our approach in the way we conduct personality assessments results in a less biased and more nuanced picture of a person. Something more than 150 different companies using Business Praice find valuable.

However, while we were building a digital service relying on another approach than most personality assessments; we’ve realised over the last couple of years, that companies and people using personality assessments also have to deal with: Long reports; unmanageable comparisons of individuals; days or weeks of education in ‘how to use’; and the requirement of reporting feedback on the results.

Now, in a digital era, where things are moving faster than ever – and our surroundings require us to move fast – we found it valuable to address these issues as well.

Now you get – 360 degree feedback made easy

Therefore we now make personality insights not only reliable, but also easily accessible with a principal in mind, we call: “The just enough principal”.

While most personality tests are used late in the recruitment process, what we aimed at was to make personality assessment an available factor early in the recruitment process. Basically giving you the option to compare and articulate this vital knowledge in the same manner as you do with the e.g. CV, CL, and University grades.

With that in mind, you now – besides the unique 360 degree feedback – also get:

  • No more wasted time  – we give you a full “In-depth analysis” on each of your applicant’s personality in a simple, one-page overview.

  • No more manual comparison – you can sort your applicants or compare them to the average with one click.

  • No need for multiple phone calls – we enable you to acquire “feedback by relation type” being friends, family and colleagues. This way you can experience how different relations perceive your applicant.

  • No more education – you get a simple “explanation and question guide” making it easy to understand the applicant’s personality and an ask questions that will uncover the strengths and weaknesses of the applicant in an interview.

  • Avoid your PC – you get an easy “print for use” function with the most essential information, when using the assessment in an interview, where you want to leave your PC behind.

And feedback to the applicant is no longer required. We build Praice for a digital social era. This means your applicants can freely access and use their assessment for other purposes; why you are not obliged to give feedback. In other words – you get the full overview of all your applicants and can easily screen them based on their personality – without giving extensive feedback!

Can Praice be a part of Your current recruitment process/ATS?

The answer is: “Yes, it can”. Do you use HR Manager, Greenhouse, Workable, Taleo or another system to handle your applicants? Write us on: [email protected] – and we will tell you about the options.

Remember, we believe in the importance of people, so though machines are helping you become more efficient, get better data, and save costs; what we do is eventually enabling you to get the most out of your experience and knowledge.


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